Towards a Protection-Production Compact for Peru: Elements and Lessons from Global Experience


Danielle King, Frank Hicks, Gena Gammie, Victor Galarreta, Larry Szott, Daniel Coronel, Luis Miguel Ormeño, and Monica Leal


Forest Trends, Mecanismos de Desarrollo Alternos, and Earth Innovation Institute formed a consortium in 2015 to work with the Government of Peru to design, test, and begin to put into practice a strategy under which Peru can meet its commitment to net zero deforestation while improving livelihoods through productive agriculture. This consortium describes its target as a protection-production compact (PPC) which asserts that the current vicious cycle can and must be transformed into a virtuous cycle of effective environmental protection and profitable agricultural production on degraded lands. In this publication, we draw on experiences from Peru and around the world to characterize the key elements of a successful PPC.