River House

A new type of rural development starts in the tropics.

About Us

As world demand for food, fiber, feed and fuel outpaces supply, increases in production are urgently needed. Increased production must be achieved while maintaining and rebuilding forests and fisheries, and slowing the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Tropical nations hold the greatest potential to produce more food for the planet. By increasing the productivity of already-cleared land and building on recent successes in slowing deforestation, we can feed more people while ending deforestation and mitigating climate change.

At Earth Innovation Institute, we foster this transition to low-emission rural development – a shift to economic growth that keeps forests and fisheries intact and rewards farmers, ranchers, and fishermen for using sustainable practices.

Our History

Earth Innovation Institute’s history began in the Brazilian Amazon, where EII leaders Daniel Nepstad and Toby McGrath have lived and worked for three decades studying the region’s transition from a post-colonial backwater to a hotbed of natural resource exploitation. In 1995, they teamed up with Brazilian partners to found IPAM, the Amazon Environmental Research Institute, devoted to expanding this research and shaping policy to move the region towards a more sustainable development model. Read More

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