Patricia has 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of programs for nature conservation and rural sustainable development in Peru. She studied biology at the National Agrarian University – La Molina in Peru, and environmental management at the University of the Andes, Colombia. She worked for over ten years with public institutions dedicated to nature conservation at the national and regional levels in Peru, such as the National Natural Resources Institute, the Regional Goverment of Loreto, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, and the Ministry of Environment.

She has experience managing multidisciplinary teams working around conservation and development projects both in Peru and internationally, consulting on environment and biodiversity topics for international organizations and coordinating cooperation with the governments of Norway and Germany for the implementation of the Joint Declaration of Intent on REDD+ in Peru. She was responsible for promoting productive activities with Peruvian Amazon communities, technical training of Peace Corps volunteers in Peru, and facilitation of a  participatory process related to rural development.