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Q&A: Indonesia fires should be a concern every year, not just bad years

By EII Research Associates Nindita Hapsari; EII Research Associate Matt Warren; and EII Research Associate Triyoga Widiastomo Fires in parts of Kalimantan and Sumatra in Indonesia have consumed an estimated 328,000 hectares of forest and ...

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California just approved the Tropical Forest Standard—what happens next?

By Jonah Busch, PhD, Chief Economist, EII; and Daniel Nepstad, PhD, Executive Director and Senior Scientist, EII September 19 was an exciting day in Sacramento, as the California Air Resources Board voted to endorse the California Tropical ...

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Testimony to US House of Representatives on Preserving the Amazon (full text)

On Sept. 10 I sat before a special hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs titled, 'Preserving the Amazon: A Shared Moral Imperative.' Below is the full text of the testimony I provided. You can view the full ...

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Scientists urge endorsement of California Tropical Forest Standard

Earth Innovation Institute is coordinating this letter from Scientists in Support of the California Tropical Forest Standard. It will be submitted to the California Air Resources Board in advance of a September 19 public meeting to consider ...

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Amazon fires: What we know and what we can do

The fires now burning in Brazil’s Amazon, which have prompted international outcry, are a classic example of a “chronic emergency”. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, after casting blame for the fires on international NGO’s, acknowledged ...

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