Raised river houses


From Principles to Practice: Implementing a landmark agreement for Tropical Forest Guardians is now more important than ever before

By Maria DiGiano, Ph.D., Scientist, EII; Claudia Stickler, Ph.D., Scientist, EII; & Olivia David, Research Assistant, EII As the Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum in the US and spurred a global dialogue regarding systemic ...

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Feed your neighbor, solve big problems

There is a saying in Malaysia, “Kais pagi, makan pagi. Kais petang, makan petang.” Loosely translated, it means, “What you scrape together in the morning is just enough for the morning, and what you scrape together at night is just enough for ...

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Coronavirus reveals inequities facing Colombia’s indigenous communities

EII’s national program coordinator in Colombia, Maria Adelaida Fernández, recently met with Mateo Estrada of the Colombian Amazon Indigenous Peoples Association (OPIAC). Estrada is coordinating national efforts for a response to the coronavirus ...

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The Amazon Commonwealth: A new partner for sustainable development in the Peruvian Amazon

On April 24 Peru’s government announced its formal recognition of the Amazon Commonwealth. The move caps a near decade-long process initiated by the six jurisdictions that together oversee the world’s second-largest expanse of Amazon rainforest ...

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Preventing an Amazon forest dieback

What is the future of the Amazon rainforest? If current trends continue, forest fire during periods of extreme drought combined with deforestation will displace large areas of the forest with fire-prone scrub vegetation and cattle pasture. And ...

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