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Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force Advances Jurisdictional Sustainability at its Annual Meeting

The Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force held its 11th Annual Meeting last month in Florencia, in the Colombian Department of Caquetá. The theme of the meeting was “New Frontiers in Forest Governance: Promoting Investment, ...

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Reforestation can help reverse the climate and extinction crises. It’s cost-effective too.

Reforestation can help reverse not one but two planetary crises. Reforestation offers one of the best ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning it into solid carbon through photosynthesis and storing it in tree trunks, branches, ...

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How California can help state governments and indigenous peoples in the Tropics collaborate on forests and climate

We often talk about the importance of forests for climate change mitigation—they are “the forgotten solution,” “one-third of the solution to climate change,” and even Cinderella. Yet, we can’t talk about conserving forests without ...

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Stable forests are an under-recognized solution to climate change

Quick challenge—picture a solution to climate change. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you envisioned a solar panel, a wind turbine, or another clean energy technology. Perhaps an electric car or other zero-emissions vehicle. ...

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How can companies deliver on their 2020 “zero deforestation” pledges? (Hint: collaborate)

Hundreds of companies are rapidly approaching a 2020 deadline with important implications for both tropical forests and climate change. These companies pledged to achieve deforestation-free supplies of palm oil, soybeans, beef, timber, pulp and ...

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