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Paris: Unifying Global Political Will

On December 12th, almost 200 nations agreed upon a pathway forward for avoiding the most dangerous impacts of climate change. I join the world in celebrating this historic moment. The United Nations has finally joined the quiet revolution that is ...

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The New California Effect: Tropical Deforestation & the Under 2 MOU

The governors of the world are not waiting for a bold global climate deal here at the Paris climate summit (COP21). They are mobilizing to move their states and provinces to the low-carbon economy. Our new report on the “Under 2 MOU” shows that ...

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Mato Grosso, Missing Carrots and Corporate Deforestation Pledges

Mato Grosso, Missing Carrots and Corporate Deforestation Pledges One of the biggest announcements at the Paris Climate Summit will be made by Pedro Taques, the Governor of Mato Grosso. He will describe how his giant Brazilian state, once infamous ...

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When the Indonesian Smoke Clears

As the monsoonal rains set in and the forest fires around western Indonesia begin to dissipate, we ask ourselves: how can we prevent such a massive outbreak of fires from happening again? As much as we would like to blame someone for the fires, the ...

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Paris and the Climate Change Revolution

Can humanity slow down climate change fast enough to prevent centuries of suffering? The stories of three climate change revolution leaders—two individuals and one institution—suggest the answer could be “yes”. In 1992, many of us ...

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