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Ten Ways for the Next American President to Lead on Climate and Forests

By Jonah Busch, PhD, Chief Economist, EII; and Daniel Nepstad, PhD, Executive Director and Senior Scientist, EII The president that American voters elect in 2020 must rise to the challenge of climate change. Given the stakes – from ...

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How will the EU-Mercosur trade deal affect Brazil’s forests? Q&A with João Shimada

When the European Union announced a landmark deal with Latin America’s largest trade bloc, Mercosur on June 28, political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic celebrated the decision. But critics contend the agreement could fuel further ...

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Taking the Amazon back to fish: A fish-based low-emission development strategy for the Amazon Basin

  By Toby McGrath, Deputy Director, EII; Professor, Federal University of Western Pará (UFOPA); Bruce Forsberg, PhD, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Amazon Research (INPA); Charlotta Chan, Research Associate, EII; Elsa Mendoza, ...

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Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force Advances Jurisdictional Sustainability at its Annual Meeting

The Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force held its 11th Annual Meeting last month in Florencia, in the Colombian Department of Caquetá. The theme of the meeting was “New Frontiers in Forest Governance: Promoting Investment, ...

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Reforestation can help reverse the climate and extinction crises. It’s cost-effective too.

Reforestation can help reverse not one but two planetary crises. Reforestation offers one of the best ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning it into solid carbon through photosynthesis and storing it in tree trunks, branches, ...

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