Raised river houses


Joe Biden offers $20 billion to protect Amazon forests

Under the shadow of escalating global concern about the coronavirus pandemic, Sunday’s presidential debate saw former Vice President Joe Biden offer an exciting new proposal to protect Amazon forests: “And lastly, I would be right now ...

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How tropical states and provinces can tackle deforestation and fight climate change

By Jonah Busch, PhD, Chief Economist, EII; and Oyut Amarjargal, EII Research Associate As wildfires rage across Australia and floods batter Indonesia, it’s clear national governments need to do more to tackle the climate crisis. But states and ...

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How to help Brazilian farmers save the Amazon

When I moved to the Amazon “Wild West” town of Paragominas in northern Brazil in 1984 as a young scientist studying forest recovery on abandoned pastures, I expected a town filled with bandits and land grabbers. Instead, what I mostly found were ...

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In many countries, natural climate solutions can be the biggest climate solutions

Natural climate solutions comprise the largest share of all potential solutions to climate change in more than three dozen tropical countries, according to new research. And in more than 20 of those countries, embracing natural climate ...

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Innovate for the Earth’s future

The new decade is upon us. And most of the hundreds of corporate and government pledges to protect tropical forests and slow climate change by 2020 will not be met. Not even close. EII is supporting 18 subnational, regional governments in the ...

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