Raised river houses


Solving tropical deforestation through pioneer pride

In 1984 I moved to Paragominas, a “wild west” town and município near the eastern margin of the Amazon forest. I went there to do research for my PhD on forest recovery in abandoned pastures and was quite focused on cutter ants, bats and spiny ...

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A better bottom line for community forest enterprises

Rural families and communities control about a third of forests in developing countries, and many of them are engaged in forest-based enterprises (e.g., family businesses, associations, cooperatives).  These enterprises manage forests and are ...

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Implementing a new approach to tropical deforestation

A new “jurisdictional” approach to tropical deforestation and other dimensions of sustainable development is emerging. It builds on the important progress that is being made in achieving sustainable development farm-by-farm through supply ...

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Managed Fisheries, Aquaculture and a Low-Deforestation Future for the Amazon: A Fish Eater’s Manifesto

The diverse and abundant fish resources of the Amazon River floodplain, also known as várzea, have sustained Amazon populations for millennia. Successful community-based models for managing this vast fishery have been developed, but are now being ...

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Make The Earth Great Again

Never let a good crisis go to waste. These words, attributed to Winston Churchill, are particularly relevant today. The Trump presidency is a crisis for the US and for the world—nothing less. But it could also inspire a revolution that is long ...

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