Raised river houses


Recognizing Tropical Forest Guardians

Indigenous people (IP) and traditional communities (TC) have been living in and around tropical forests for millennia. By using their lands in sustainable ways, and holding the line against chainsaws and bulldozers, they have made important ...

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California’s Big Decision on Climate Change & Tropical Forests

California’s public policy innovations for solving environmental challenges have been emulated worldwide. The state is now poised to deepen this legacy of environmental leadership as it scopes the feasibility of implementing the tropical forests ...

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Can big companies stop tropical deforestation?

A towering rainforest tree crashing to the ground reminds me of a short-lived hurricane followed by an earthquake—thrilling and frightening at the same time. Severe wind, disease, fire and old age were once the only reasons these centuries-old ...

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Paris: Unifying Global Political Will

On December 12th, almost 200 nations agreed upon a pathway forward for avoiding the most dangerous impacts of climate change. I join the world in celebrating this historic moment. The United Nations has finally joined the quiet revolution that is ...

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The New California Effect: Tropical Deforestation & the Under 2 MOU

The governors of the world are not waiting for a bold global climate deal here at the Paris climate summit (COP21). They are mobilizing to move their states and provinces to the low-carbon economy. Our new report on the “Under 2 MOU” shows that ...

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