Raised river houses


New report highlights progress on sustainability in sugarcane production

The expansion of cropland for agricultural commodities such as sugar, soy, and palm oil is an important driver of deforestation in the tropics. EII and its partners work to reduce the negative impacts of expanding commodity production on forests by ...

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EII partner donates 2,000 face masks to fishing communities in Brazil

Residents of floodplain communities surrounding the Brazilian port city of Santarém, which sits at the juncture of the Tapajós and Amazon rivers in the state of Pará, recently received more than 2,000 face masks as part of an effort to support ...

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Fostering resilience amid uncertainty

In Peru, thousands are fleeing urban centers and attempting to return to their rural homes. As communities around the world cope with extended lockdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Peru’s cities are witnessing an exodus the likes of ...

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Building a legacy of trust to commemorate Earth Day

On this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, our hearts go out to all of those people on the front lines of the fight to limit the human losses caused by the COVID 19 pandemic! We celebrate the Earth as we mourn the degradation of her forests and ...

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Acre’s women farmers launch online delivery service in response to coronavirus lockdown

When Geovana Castelo attended an annual workshop for women farmers in the Brazilian state of Acre last month, she could not have predicted that days later the world would be turned upside down by the coronavirus. Or that a nascent idea for an online ...

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