Raised river houses


Our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report

  In our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report, released today, we present a snapshot of our work and the successes we've had in supporting regional transitions towards sustainable and equitable, low-emission rural ...

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Dan Nepstad talks forest finance on NPR’s Living on Earth

About 20% of the world’s tropical forests are in indigenous territories, but indigenous people seldom hold title to those lands. In this report from NPR's Living on Earth, EII's Executive Director Dan Nepstad talks about the impact that REDD - a ...

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Mato Grosso: Produce, Conserve, Include

On December 7th on the sidelines of COP 21, Governor Pedro Taques of Mato Grosso, Brazil launched internationally his state’s Produce, Conserve, and Include strategy, which aims to keep 6 GtCO₂ emissions from forests out of the atmosphere by ...

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An Evening in Celebration of Sub-national Innovation

During the UN climate negotiations wrapping up in Paris, France, Earth Innovation Institute co-hosted An Evening in Celebration of Sub-national Innovation, a high-level event showcasing the leadership subnational jurisdictions are showing on climate ...

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Updates from the Global Landscapes Forum during the UN Climate Conference

On December 5th and 6th, Earth Innovation Institute participated in the Global Landscapes Forum held alongside the UN climate negotiations in Paris, France. The GLF is hosted by CIFOR and serves as a platform for positioning landscapes in the new ...

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