Raised river houses


Executive Director Dan Nepstad Interviewed on “Living on Earth”

On his first day in office, Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro shifted key responsibilities for indigenous lands from the Ministry of Justice indigenous people agency to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA). Public Radio ...

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Indonesia smallholder visibility: A major step forward

In Indonesia, 40 million small-scale farmers produce one third of the nation’s palm oil and up to 100% of other agricultural export commodities. Most of these farmers are “invisible”—they are not registered by the government and can ...

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Letter from Scientists in Support of California Tropical Forest Standard

Earth Innovation Institute coordinated this letter from Scientists in Support of California Tropical Forest Standard. It has been submitted to the California Air Resources Board in anticipation of the Nov 16 public meeting. Are ...

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Monitoring Jurisdictional Progress In Mexico: workshop highlights

On October 10-11, Earth Innovation Institute together with the Secretary of Environment and Rural Development of the State of Jalisco (SEMADET), the Trust for the Administration of the Forest Development Program of Jalisco (FIPRODEFO), Pronatura ...

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Tropical forests & climate wins in San Francisco

California Governor Jerry Brown has been fighting to solve climate change for decades. The back-to-back climate meetings he just co-hosted in San Francisco are the latest evidence of his resolve . This month, big steps were taken in San Francisco ...

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