Raised river houses


EII hosts roundtable on engagement, collaboration with Amazon governments

MADRID – Regional governors, ministers and officials representing more than half of the Amazon rainforest gathered Monday in Madrid for a roundtable discussion organized by Earth Innovation Institute (EII) on ways to increase investments in their ...

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‘Profound moment’ as Colombia approves Amazon regional council

Colombia’s National Congress voted Wednesday to formally approve the formation of a new institution that will elevate the voice of Amazon governments in national policy decisions. The vote gives Colombia’s Amazonian governments a greater say in ...

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Political leadership for the Amazon

The world received sobering news from the Brazilian Government this week. Deforestation in the Amazon rose 29% this year to roughly 10,000 square kilometers, a little bit smaller than the state of Connecticut. This new estimate is the highest ...

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New study challenges long-held link between deforestation and malaria

A new study challenges previous findings about the links between deforestation and malaria. The study, published Wednesday in the journal World Development, finds no direct correlation between forest loss and the percentage of children with the ...

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Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Accord to Hurt U.S. Jobs and Economy

The Trump Administration announced Monday it is beginning the year-long process of withdrawal from the 2015 Paris climate accord, the landmark multi-national agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global ...

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