COP 20 Side Event: Nesting Indigenous Lands in Jurisdictional REDD+

Indigenous peoples have been effective guardians of their forested territories, preventing large amounts of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through forest clearing and degradation. REDD+ innovations both at the project and jurisdictional levels are acknowledging these contributions of indigenous peoples by leveraging direct financial benefits delivered at scale to local communities. This side event will feature speakers from the Forest-Based Livelihoods Consortium, including EII’s Executive Director Dr. Daniel Nepstad, and will highlight some of the work within USAID’s Accelerating Inclusion and Mitigating Emissions Program (AIME) including the first Indigenous REDD+ project to sell carbon credits in the voluntary market (Surui Project), the Amazonian Indigenous REDD+ (RIA) of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon River Basin (COICA) as well as a vision for nesting indigenous territories within jurisdictional REDD+ programs.

Attendance: Official UNFCCC authorization required

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