Building New Alliances for Sustainability in Tropical States & Provinces

Together with the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force, the Sustainable Tropics Alliance, and members of the Forest-based Livelihoods Consortium, EII is organizing and participating in a side event at the Global Landscapes Forum in conjunction with COP 20 in Lima, Peru. One fourth of the world’s tropical forests are contained within the 26 states and provinces that are members of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF). GCF members recently pledged to reduce deforestation 80% by 2020 if market signals and finance are in place. Jurisdiction-wide strategies under development within these and other territories could help achieve this pledge. They include some of the most advanced policy structures for driving the transition to low-emission rural development (LED-R), performance-based incentive systems, and multiple stakeholder processes that are bringing together communities, governments, businesses and civil society. This workshop will examine the remarkable progress—and persistent obstacles—along the pathway to LED-R. The workshop will feature a series of moderated panel discussions that highlight progress by and with a range of actors, including governments, indigenous and traditional communities, and civil society. It will close with a high-level session featuring political leaders.

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