Rainforest and Business Conference

The world has become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the world’s rainforests, as a way of mitigating climate change, protecting biodiversity and securing the rights and livelihoods of the 260 million people living in and depending on the rainforest for their survival. Major global companies have pledged to become part of the solution by adopting zero-deforestation policies and cleaning up their supply chains. A year ago, several companies signed the New York Declaration on Forests and committed to eliminate deforestation from consumer goods supply chains by no later than 2020. In Norway, the focus on how companies can avoid being complicit in rainforest destruction has been stronger than in possibly any other country, and many companies and leading investors are frontrunners in the search for good solutions and ways to cut ties between business and deforestation.

At this conference, participants will take stock of the debate on zero deforestation and discuss how progress can be made towards this important target. Leading international experts, companies, investors and civil society will be present, and different companies will present their approach – to stimulate others to follow suit and have a constructive dialogue on the best ways forward

Organized by:

Rainforest Foundation Norway and Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment, in cooperation with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).