Field Work in the Forest

Green Value Tool

The Green Value tool was developed to strengthen forest initiatives by providing a simplified method for monitoring and analyzing financial information. The results of financial analysis are critical for identifying which activities are most costly, determining costs per unit sold and setting prices, and making other decisions to improve the financial viability of forest initiatives. The tool consists of a User’s Guide and pre-formatted worksheets. The target users of the tool are professionals who work with forest initiatives. These professionals may include extension agents, administrators, technical staff, consultants, and representatives of non-governmental and governmental organizations. Forest initiatives include family producers, producer groups, small businesses, community enterprises, and cooperatives. In addition, the tool may be very useful for professors, students, researchers, donors, and lenders.

The User’s Guide provides information on financial concepts, case studies based on the use of the Green Value tool to analyze the financial viability of two forest-based initiatives, and six steps for monitoring and analysis of costs and revenues.

The pre-formatted worksheets are for collecting information over one production period on costs for each activity and for each type of input (i.e., labor, materials and services, machinery and equipment), as well as on revenues. When all information is collected and entered, the total cost, cost per unit sold, total revenue, net revenue (or profit), and rate of return are calculated. Several graphs are also automatically generated.

The second edition of the tool is now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please fill in the following information to download the tool. EII will let you know when new versions of the tool are available, and when training workshops are being offered. EII will not share your information with anyone else.