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The path towards a new model of rural development starts at the intersection of good policy, inclusive markets, and accessible finance.

Aligning Policy, Markets, and Finance

Earth Innovation Institute finds opportunities to intervene in dynamic tropical frontiers, where agriculture, timber extraction, fishing, and mining are degrading regional ecosystems. We seize opportunities to align policies, market forces, finance and “frontier governance” to achieve the sustainable management of natural resources before they are depleted.

One of the biggest opportunities to achieve this alignment is to overcome the fragmentation that typically prevents market-driven “supply chain” approaches to sustainability from linking synergistically to public policies that are designed to foster sustainable development. Supply chain interventions—such as Brazil’s Soy Moratorium—typically focus on performance measured at the farm level. Public policies typically seek performance improvements across entire jurisdictions—counties, states, or the entire nation.

When we bring these two worlds together, the chances of increasing the transition to sustainable rural development in critical tropical regions grows substantially. Our goal in the regions we work in is to achieve adjustments and reform of law enforcement agencies, finance institutions, and commodity buyers that favor farmers and local governments who are making measurable progress towards sustainability.

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