Line of Boats

Globally significant changes in rural development are possible when we work in partnership.

Partnership & Consensus

Alliances, partnerships, and consensus building are fundamental to how Earth Innovation Institute works. At local to global levels, we work with partners with complementary skill sets and networks to simultaneously expand and deepen our capacity to address the great environmental challenges.

We develop strategic partnerships with regional organizations and agencies to draw on local knowledge to improve rural livelihoods and resource management. We work through global alliances to develop and promote new models of rural development for key landscapes throughout the tropics. To achieve our goals, we initiate, participate in, and facilitate consensus-building processes among key actors, to create strong and lasting support for the initiatives and institutions that are the building blocks of meaningful social transformation.

We work to develop shared understanding and general agreement within and between groups at multiple scales, and to achieve innovative, yet pragmatic, outcomes that satisfy critical environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural needs. These processes yield results including government commitments to develop a strategic plan to eliminate deforestation in Central Kalimantan (Indonesia) and a multi-stakeholder agreement to develop jurisdiction-wide performance standards for commodities like soy and beef in Brazil.

Case Studies


How can jurisdictional approaches to sustainability protect and enhance the rights and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities?
Tropical Forest Champions
Andes-Amazon Alliance of Governments
Subnational jurisdictional approaches: Policy innovation and partnerships for change
Part I: The New Industries of Acre State
The Twenty-Year-Old Partnership Between Indigenous Peoples and the Government of Acre, Brazil