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Viability study for Mato Grosso REM

Estudo de viabilidade para um programa de pagamentos por resultados de Redução de Emissões do Desmatamento e Degradação Florestal (REDD) (ex-post e com base no desempenho) no Estado de Mato Grosso, ... Read More >>

Indigenous Consultation Process for LED-R and REDD+ Policies in Mato Grosso, Brazil

The overall objective of this initiative is to develop a consultation protocol, which can be replicable in other contexts, to inform the implementation of Low Emission Rural Development (LED-R) policies – including the REDD+ existing ... Read More >>

Tropical Forest Champions Roundtable

Earth Innovation Institute's Executive Director and Senior Scientist Dan Nepstad and Geospatial Analyst Juan Ardila presented the following at a roundtable of regional governors, ministers and officials representing more than half of the Amazon ... Read More >>

Database: Authority of Second-Tier Governments to Reduce Deforestation in 30 Tropical Countries

The authority of state- and province-level governments (“second-tier governments”) to make decisions related to slowing deforestation independently of national governments varies widely across countries. This free, open-access database ... Read More >>

Guiding Principles of Collaboration and Partnership

Indigenous peoples, traditional communities, and subnational governments come together to highlight the Power of Partnerships in improving livelihoods, conserving forests, and tackling climate ... Read More >>