Earth Innovator: Mina Setra
Mar 2019

Earth Innovator: Mina Setra

Mina Setra is Deputy Secretary General of AMAN, the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago, and a member of the Dayak Pompakng tribe. In this interview with EII, Mina discusses the importance of including indigenous peoples in ...
Mar 2019

Earth Innovator: Javier Kinney

Javier Kinney is the Director of the Office of Self Governance of the Yurok Tribe in California. In this interview with EII, Javier discusses indigenous autonomy and the importance of indigenous peoples in having a seat at decision-making ...
Apr 2018

The Pathway to a Sustainable, Low-Carbon Brazilian Beef Sector

Executive Director and Senior Scientist Dan Nepstad presented the pathway to sustainable, low-carbon Brazilian beef during the opening of China’s first ever “Ruminant Conference” in March 2018. Dr. Nepstad discussed challenges in the Brazilian ...
Nov 2017

The Power of Partnerships

Our tropical forests are rapidly disappearing, and no single stakeholder can battle deforestation alone. Historically, governments and indigenous peoples haven't always worked together on forest conservation, but things are changing. These ...
Sep 2017

Indigenous Peoples and Local Governments

  The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) is a subnational alliance of 35 states and provinces around the world that are leading fight against climate change by building robust jurisdictional programs to protect forests while ...