Plataforma Producir y Proteger (Produce and Protect)
Feb 2017

Plataforma Producir y Proteger (Produce and Protect)

Video explicativo sobre la plataforma Producir y Proteger (Produce and Protect) desarrollada por Earth Innovation Institute e INOBU. Produce and Protect, bajo un enfoque jurisdiccional, promueve la visibilidad de jurisdicciones localizadas en los ...
Nov 2016

Jurisdictional Sustainability: A bottom-up, integrated approach

Jurisdictional sustainability refers to the successful transition to sustainable development across an entire political geography, encompassing the full range of production systems, ecosystems and actors within it. The session explores pathways to ...
Nov 2016

Produce and Protect Platform

The Produce and Protect Platform connects companies and consumers seeking sustainably produced commodities with tropical forest jurisdictions where commodities are sustainably produced. It also lets these same jurisdictions show the world the ...
Nov 2016

Voices from Acre, Brazil

This video highlights voices from Acre, Brazil, a sustainable tropical state being considered for partnership with California's cap and trade program. Produced by EII, Forest Trends, and Nomoha ...