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Jurisdictional Sustainability: A bottom-up, integrated approach

Jurisdictional sustainability refers to the successful transition to sustainable development across an entire political geography, encompassing the full range of production systems, ecosystems and actors within it. The session explores pathways to ... Read More >>

Produce and Protect Platform

The Produce and Protect Platform connects companies and consumers seeking sustainably produced commodities with tropical forest jurisdictions where commodities are sustainably produced. It also lets these same jurisdictions show the world the ... Read More >>

Voices from Acre, Brazil

This video highlights voices from Acre, Brazil, a sustainable tropical state being considered for partnership with California's cap and trade program. Produced by EII, Forest Trends, and Nomoha ... Read More >>

EII’s Dan Nepstad speaks at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies’

-- EII's Dan Nepstad speaks at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies' September 13, 2016 event on Cap-and-Trade Laws/Forests and Indigenous Rights   Watch the video on ... Read More >>

Joko Arif Presents on Jurisdictional Sustainability

Joko Arif, Managing Director of Earth Innovation Institute's sister organization in Indonesia, INOBU, explains jurisdictional sustainability and how it is being implemented in Central Kalimantan at the July 2016 Forum on Sustainable Palm ... Read More >>