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Indigenous Peoples and Governors Building Partnerships
quinta-feira, setembro 28, 2017
Balikpapan, Indonesia September 28, 2017 Indigenous Peoples and Local Community leaders sat down with Governors from the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF), a subnational alliance of 38 states
Amazon Soy Moratorium: defeating deforestation or greenwash diversion?
quinta-feira, março 9, 2017
The Amazon Soy Moratorium was set up to stop Amazon forest from being cleared to plant soy. And it succeeded – to some extent. But over a decade later, deforestation
Press Release: “Jurisdictional Sustainability: Primer for Practitioners”
quarta-feira, fevereiro 8, 2017
New Publication: “Jurisdictional Sustainability: Primer for Practitioners” Embargoed until 12 noon CET, February 14th The loss of tropical forests is one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity today. How do we solve it