Raised river houses


“Indigenous peoples and local governments. . .like the roots of the redwood tree”

On a misty morning in August, I joined hands with 30 indigenous and community leaders, civil servants from subnational governments and civil society representatives in front of an ancient redwood tree in Northern California to say Wokhlew—meaning ...

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Facing deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon: a production-protection-inclusion pact

The forests of the Peruvian Amazon have some of the highest concentrations of biological diversity on Earth. They are home to indigenous peoples, including some who have never been contacted by outsiders. And they are also being cleared at an ...

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Solving Climate Change Despite Trump

Twelve hundred US states, cities, counties and businesses recently declared their commitment to fulfill the US pledge under the Paris Agreement, responding to President Trump’s small-minded decision to pull the US out. But these ...

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Solving tropical deforestation through pioneer pride

In 1984 I moved to Paragominas, a “wild west” town and município near the eastern margin of the Amazon forest. I went there to do research for my PhD on forest recovery in abandoned pastures and was quite focused on cutter ants, bats and spiny ...

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A better bottom line for community forest enterprises

Rural families and communities control about a third of forests in developing countries, and many of them are engaged in forest-based enterprises (e.g., family businesses, associations, cooperatives).  These enterprises manage forests and are ...

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