Raised river houses


Implementing a new approach to tropical deforestation

A new “jurisdictional” approach to tropical deforestation and other dimensions of sustainable development is emerging. It builds on the important progress that is being made in achieving sustainable development farm-by-farm through supply ...

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Managed Fisheries, Aquaculture and a Low-Deforestation Future for the Amazon: A Fish Eater’s Manifesto

The diverse and abundant fish resources of the Amazon River floodplain, also known as várzea, have sustained Amazon populations for millennia. Successful community-based models for managing this vast fishery have been developed, but are now being ...

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Make The Earth Great Again

Never let a good crisis go to waste. These words, attributed to Winston Churchill, are particularly relevant today. The Trump presidency is a crisis for the US and for the world—nothing less. But it could also inspire a revolution that is long ...

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How taming Amazon deforestation can win votes

As long as political leaders of tropical forest states and nations see forest clearing as a way to win votes, forests will continue to fall. Brazil's steep decline in Amazon deforestation rates was possible largely because it became politically ...

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Recognizing Tropical Forest Guardians

Indigenous people (IP) and traditional communities (TC) have been living in and around tropical forests for millennia. By using their lands in sustainable ways, and holding the line against chainsaws and bulldozers, they have made important ...

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