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Mapping and Monitoring Smallholder Palm Oil Producers in Central Kalimantan

In the midst of criticism of major global companies, one initiative in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, is striving to ensure that palm oil is traceable and free from deforestation. The governments of Seruyan District and Kotwaringin Barat District, ...

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Mato Grosso Leading the Fight Against Climate Change and Deforestation

As the celebratory dust of the Paris climate change summit settles, an important gap remains. The reductions in carbon pollution that nations pledged to achieve are important steps in the right direction. Alone, they are insufficient to avoid many ...

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Jurisdictional Approach in Support of Sustainable Palm Oil Production

In an article from the December 2015 issue of Info Sawit, the Indonesian Palm Oil Magazine, EII's Joko Arif discusses the benefits of a jurisdictional approach to sustainable palm oil production.   Click here to view the article in ...

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While Amazon forest loss has increased annually for 25 years at oldest Amazon mega-dam, EII’s Dr. Claudia Stickler cautions that there may be other factors at play

New research shows that deforestation has increased around an Amazon mega-dam over the past quarter century. EII's staff Scientist Claudia Stickler cautions that there may be other factors besides the dam at play, such as population increase and new ...

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Our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report

  In our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report, released today, we present a snapshot of our work and the successes we've had in supporting regional transitions towards sustainable and equitable, low-emission rural ...

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