Market Formalization, Governance and the Integration of Community Fisheries in the Brazilian Amazon

This study shows that supportive policies and even limited but consistent regulation of regional fisheries can create conditions which foster the development of community-based management systems, but where government has not supported co-management policies nor controlled illegal fishing, community managed fisheries that had developed during an earlier phase (1990s and early 2000s) have been unable to progress and are in decline throughout the region, eroding local efforts to prevent overfishing and threatening livelihoods and food security throughout the region.


David G. McGrath, Leandro Castello, Oriana T. Almeida, Guillermo M. B. Estupiñán


A major  trend  in global trade  in forest,  animal,  and agricultural  products is the implementation of importation policies and development of private sector standards and certification mechanisms to promote  the sustainable  management  of natural resources in the countries of origin. In many cases,  ensuring sustainable  origins involves requirements that small-scale rural producers and fishers cannot meet.