Leveraging agricultural value chains to enhance tropical tree cover and slow deforestation (leaves)


Daniel Nepstad (Executive Director, Earth Innovation Institute—Soy, Synthesis), Peter Lovett (Shea Parklands Specialist—Shea), Silvia Irawan (Chair, INOBU—palm oil), John Watts, (Senior Advisor, INOBU—palm oil), Danilo Pezo (Advisor, Tropical Agricultural Research and Education Center—CATIE—silvopastoral systems), Eduardo Somarriba (Lead, Agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture Program, CATIE—Cocoa/coffee), Joao Shimada (Research Associate, Earth Innovation Institute—Beef), Dora Nsuwa Cudjoe (Senior Environmental Specialist, The World Bank Group), Erick C.M. Fernandes (Lead Agriculture Specialist, The World Bank Group)


Slowing the degradation and clearing of tropical forests and increasing tree cover in agricultural and livestock grazing systems could become a critical part of the global solution to climate change. To realize this potential, improvements in crop and livestock yields must be achieved to reconcile the expansion of forest and tree cover with the growing global demand for food, feed, and fiber from the tropics.