Ciencia y colaboración por un planeta saludable


New Release: Financial Viability for Community-Based Forest Enterprises
jueves, agosto 2, 2018
Research on community-based forestry has typically centered on timber production and improved management; rarely does the focus shift to the business operations and financial viability of the community-based forest enterprise
Preview Released: The State of Jurisdictional Sustainability
jueves, julio 19, 2018
Jurisdictional approaches to sustainable development hold tremendous potential for advancing holistic, durable solutions to the intertwined issues of tropical deforestation, rural livelihoods, and food security. With many jurisdictional “experiments” underway
Balikpapan Challenge in Oslo: Taking Jurisdictional Sustainability to Scale for Forests and Forest Communities
martes, julio 17, 2018
On June 26, Earth Innovation Institute, the Governors Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force and Denofa hosted a public meeting to discuss progress of the Balikpapan Challenge on the eve