Ilmu pengetahuan dan kolaborasi untuk planet yang sehat


EII Hosts Dialogue Between Cooperatives and Companies on Commercializing Low-Carbon Products in Acre State, Brazil
Selasa, April 16, 2019
Earth Innovation Institute, together with Acre’s Network of Sustainable Businesses (RANS), hosted a meeting on April 4th for cooperatives, companies, and local producers to share experiences and discuss future commercial
Learning Exchange Begins Between Acre, Brazil and Madre de Dios, Peru
Selasa, April 2, 2019
Madre de Dios, a forest-rich jurisdiction in southeastern Peru, is taking the initial steps to design and implement a Low-Emission Rural Development Strategy for the Region. To that aim, the
EII Co-Authors Chapter on Subnational Collaborations for Climate Justice
Rabu, Maret 20, 2019
Research conducted by Earth Innovation Institute and partners on collaborations between subnational governments and Indigenous Peoples was recently published in the 2019 Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice. The chapter, entitled