Ilmu pengetahuan dan kolaborasi untuk planet yang sehat


Panel explores opportunities for trillion trees campaign to unlock forest potential
Kamis, Maret 26, 2020
A panel of experts including EII Executive Director Dan Nepstad convened Wednesday to discuss the role of forests in reducing carbon emissions and slowing global warming. The panel comes amid
A message to our partners and friends on COVID-19
Kamis, Maret 19, 2020
Earth Innovation Institute has been carefully tracking developments with regard to the spread of the novel Coronavirus. We have taken steps to minimize its spread, suspending all in-person activities that
Women entrepreneurs share experiences in low-emission development at Acre workshop
Senin, Maret 16, 2020
Sara Hurtado is the founder of Peruna, a company based in Madre de Dios, Peru that sells edibles made from locally harvested Brazil nuts. After three decades struggling to grow