Ilmu pengetahuan dan kolaborasi untuk planet yang sehat


Monitoring Jurisdictional Progress In Mexico: workshop highlights
Kamis, November 1, 2018
On October 10-11, Earth Innovation Institute together with the Secretary of Environment and Rural Development of the State of Jalisco (SEMADET), the Trust for the Administration of the Forest Development
Tropical forests & climate wins in San Francisco
Jumat, September 28, 2018
California Governor Jerry Brown has been fighting to solve climate change for decades. The back-to-back climate meetings he just co-hosted in San Francisco are the latest evidence of his resolve
Governor Jerry Brown responds to Scientists’ Letter on California tropical forest program
Kamis, September 27, 2018
Earth Innovation Institute receives a letter from Governor Brown expressing gratitude for scientists’ research on climate change and tropical forests and for their letter to him, encouraging them to comment