Gautam Wadhwani joined EII in 2018 as the Director of Finance and Administration. Prior to transitioning into the nonprofit world, Gautam was a Managing Director in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers. He spent most of his 20-year banking career in equity capital markets at Lehman, Deutsche Bank and Salomon Brothers, working with public companies world-wide to structure complex capital-raising instruments that optimized the client’s strategic, accounting and tax objectives. Gautam retired from investment banking in 2008, and since then has volunteered for various community and environmental health groups, including as Board Treasurer of PSE Healthy Energy.

When he is not wading through our accounts, Gautam can be found skiing, playing tennis, cooking up a storm, at Point Reyes hiking and shucking oysters with a divine burgundy (and company to match), attending his kids’ plays, and taking acting classes at Berkeley Rep.

Gautam graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science Engineering and in Finance from the Wharton School of Business.