Matthew is a tropical forest ecologist with over a decade of experience working in the forests of Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, China, and Africa. His research objectives address critical information gaps to guide the development of climate mitigation strategies for tropical peatlands and mangroves, while facilitating dialogue to inform climate-smart, science-based policy and management. Most recently, Matthew has worked on collaborative research and capacity building projects throughout Indonesia and the Republic of Congo aimed at supporting climate mitigation programs through improved understanding of ecosystem carbon cycles and greenhouse gas emissions from land use change. At EII, Matt serves a Research Associate on sustainable rural development strategies to curb deforestation, enhance the well-being of rural and indigenous communities, and fight climate change. Matt earned a BS degree from the University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, and a PhD in tropical forest ecology from the University of Puerto Rico. He is an avid soccer fan and enjoys just about all things outdoors including camping, hiking, fishing and skiing.